Register of Business Interests


Governor/Staff Member Name

Name of Business

Nature of Business

Nature of Interest

Date of appointment or acquisition

Patrick Lees QK Education Chair of Governors 20 October 2014
University of Westminster Education Director International Stem
Dr Somaiya Siddiqi QK Education Vice Chair of Governors 9 December 2013
Deutsche Bank AG Finance
  Agile Moments Finance Director
  South Hampstead & Kilburn Partnership Trust Charity Trustee
Alex Atherton QK Education Headteacher 1 January 2014
Martin Stone QK Education Teacher 19 June 2012
Walter Castro QK Education Teacher 19 June 2012
  Latin America Trade Link (UK) Ltd Director
Aki Turan QK Education Governor 11 June 2013
Rainbow Systems Systems Developer
  Westminster Children and Leisure P+S Com Education
Miriam Celina Smith-Ihionvien QK Education Parent Governor/Break Supervisor 23 February 2015
Twyla House QK Education Parent Governor 11 June 2013
Wagstaff Interiors Group Design
  N2ition Ltd Architects
Brian Daly QK Education Governor 8 July 2013
Ed Tech Commerce, Company Number 09600152 Education Director
13 Alma Square Freehold, Company Number 05379483 Director
Michal Chudy QK Education Governor 18 May 2015
Farrer & Co LLP Employment Law Director – Eat at 123 Ltd
Mohammed Choukeir QK Education Governor 18 June 2015
Kleinwort Benson Finance Trustee – Tangled Feet